This Is Not Twack Romero’s Story

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Maybe that’s a bit of a misnomer, or should it be misleading ? I mean, it is my story in so much as, I’m the one telling it. In truth, it could be anyone’s story, who’s to know ?

Good, I’m glad we have that squared away. In case you haven’t already guessed, this is my very first post on Medium. I am not here under false pretenses but I am here earlier than expected. If I try and explain that, you have to promise not to hold it against me, OK ?

This year I was planning on broadening my horizons and getting right outside of my comfort zone by writing in places I hadn’t before. There’s a story there but for now it’s not the time for it.

Currently I’m part of the ‘One Funnel Away Challenge’ and this week’s theme is to do with ‘Publishing’.

“Pick your format” they said.

“You can choose from video, audio or writing” they said.

“And if you’re into reading blogs then you need to write stuff” they said.

They said a fair bit. The end result was to join Medium and publish something. Anything ?

“Nope, it has to be your ‘Origin Story” they said.

So, here I am, deliberating which particular story to tell. In the spirit of being up front and honest from the ‘get go’, I’m going to go with the ‘How I ended up writing on Medium’ one. It’s the ‘abridged’ version, otherwise we would be here for a very long time. You’ll see why as we move on through it.

After a couple of major bouts of depression, the last one being the one where I looked into the ‘abyss’ and liked what I saw, I never went back to my job and took on the roll of ‘House Husband’. This worked on many levels, not least that it enabled my wife to pursue her career and allowed me to spend more time with a relatively young spread (Four) of children.

For the most part, this worked. Money was tight. If our ‘family was a business, then we were consistently running at a loss. The mound of debt soon accumulated and became a decent sized mountain. Nothing unusual there, I guess. Living is an expensive business.

Over the years you just learn to manage as best as you can. We had a roof over our heads, everyone had clothes and food. Plus ‘Dad’ was cool, in that he could cook, clean and do the ironing.

As I became more efficient in my duties and the children became more adept at navigating life in general, my workload started to decrease.

During this time I tried my hand at a number of ‘home based careers’. None of them were particularly profitable but they served a purpose. Being able to fix Xbox’s and mobile phone screens became a necessity rather than a money making venture.

It’s also worth pointing out that not ‘working’ in the traditional sense, brings with it an innate sense of being less than adequate. I had gone from earning a decent wage, albeit working long hours, to doing ‘chores’. I know my roll was, and is, more than that but it still doesn’t stop those feelings of ‘uselessness’ sometimes coming to the surface. I was no longer the provider and I struggled with that.

I had always believed that I would be the one to finally turn the tide of our money situation. Realising that didn’t look like happening any time soon, was hard to reconcile in my own mind.

This new found ability to ‘fix’ technology, in turn led me to refurbishing desktop pc’s and laptops, which again, probably saved us a small fortune. I also enjoyed taking things apart and making them work again.

None of it was ever going to put us on the front cover of Forbes but it provided the children with items they might not have been able to have otherwise.

I did this up until about four years ago. During this time, my wife had been able to move up the ranks of her desired profession and was beginning to see the efforts of her hard work rewarded. That said, ‘Debt Mountain’ was still unassailable and we still ended up more in the red, as each year passed.

By now my ambitions had grown. I needed something ‘bigger’ to sink my mechanical teeth into. Enter ‘Automotive Extravaganzas’ stage left.

That’s right, I had started buying, fixing and selling used cars. Again, this served a dual purpose, as our eldest was just entering into that world. Dragged kicking and screaming, he was not. He embraced it all with the fervent enthusiasm you would expect from a ‘Petrol Head’ teenager. Having a dad with tools and friends that worked in a garage, was a major win. Kudos Pops.

As much as this sideline bought in some much needed extra revenue, there were two major flaws. I didn’t enjoy buying the cars and liked selling them even less. ‘Two out of three ain’t bad’ just didn’t cut it. Once I’d made this realisation (It only took three and a half years) the decision was made to try pastures new, once more.

Let’s be honest here, as much as my exploits were keeping me busy and occcasionally turning a profit, I was failing as an entrepreneur. Maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a businessman. I kept hoping for that one deal that would turn everything around. You know how it goes, it’s always the next one and then the next one.

Where are we now ? Somewhere around December 2018, always a good time to shake things up. I decided to go back to fixing computers, yay. No, I’m being disingenuous. I did enjoy the work. Bringing a ‘dead’ machine back to life, though not worthy of a Nobel prize, does bring with it a certain amount of joy.

So, I began searching for derelict and unloved computers. It was during this online quest that my concentration wandered and I found myself actually reading the emails in my ‘junk’ folder. Why do we do this to ourselves ?

There I am, reading about this revolutionary new system that is going to change my life and allow me to have the lifestyle I deserve. Not believing a word of it but at the same time thinking that maybe, just maybe, this is the break I’ve been looking for.

For whatever reason I clicked the link and was instantly transported to the insides of an empty office, looking into the face of my tormentor.

I held out for ten minutes before I shut him down, once in a lifetime, limited offer or no, he was gone.

Out of curiosity, I went in search of some background to the altruistic giver of money. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t just squandered a golden ticket to paradise. I found a review of the mystical product. The author of the piece had certainly done his homework.

Within minutes, he had desimated any credibility that might have still been on the table. I felt better and as a reward I decided to see what his ‘#1 Recomendation’ actually was. In for a penny and all that.

Although this is the end of this story, it is the beginning of another, one that is still going on. Just over a year ago I entered the world of affiliate marketing, through a platform called ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ and life as I knew it, changed.

Everything that has transpired in the last year, which includes 363 posts and ranking in the top ten out of 1.4 million members, has led me to this moment and in turn to the Clickfunnels challenge, which, if you remember, was the reason for this post.

If you would like to have a gander at some of my posts at WA, you can do so by clicking here. It’s the only link in this article and it goes straight to my blog roll, so it’s not a pitch to get you to sign up.

I feel excited about what lies ahead and not without a certain amount of trepidation, especially now that there is the Clickfunnels element, of which I have barely scratched the surface of.

If you’ll let me, I’d like to share some of my ongoing journey and maybe a few random thoughts and ideas at the same time.

It’s been fun, call me.

Twack Romero.




Middle-aged entrepreneur and would-be writer with aspirations way above my pay grade. The dream is to make a difference.

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Twack Romero

Twack Romero

Middle-aged entrepreneur and would-be writer with aspirations way above my pay grade. The dream is to make a difference.

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