Frustration Leads To Clarity
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Frustration Leads To Clarity

Yesterday was a washout, well, truth be told, it was productive, it just felt like a wasted day.

No one else to blame, it was my own fault but even in those circumstances I am always looking to take something positive, yesterday was one of those situations.

Today is a direct result of that, it’s why I’m writing now and not waiting till later. (It also means that it will be warm when I go outside after finishing this post)

Apart from my normal daily duties, I had one item on my ‘to do’ list, secure a replacement seatbelt in my car, how hard could it be.

I completely underestimated the job at hand and why wouldn’t I, it was only one bolt. That’s right just one.

Everything else was in place, all I had to do was locate and tighten one measly bolt.

Well, it proved to be more problematic than I was expecting. After tightening up the bolt the seatbelt decided not to work properly. These are the things that cause me the most frustration.

For the most part, I am pretty chilled out but things that should work and don’t really pushes my buttons.

Anyway, to make sure I came away with at least a rosette, I decided to clean the inside of the car and McGyver’d some of the trims that had been broken by the previous owner, so all was not lost.

It also gave me some clarity about how I wanted to tackle today. Preparation is key and that’s why after playing ‘Dad’s Taxi’ I decided to get some supplies for the next two automobile jobs I have in mind to do this week, now I have no excuses.

I also missed out on two meals yesterday, much to the chagrin of my good lady. To make up for it, when I was back from the shops I had breakfast, yay.

Three teacakes (they were on special offer) should see me through until teatime or dinnertime if you prefer.

Yesterday’s little escapade also gave me something to write about on my Facebook story, which is another positive.

Right then, I should be getting on with things, I need to put a listing on eBay before venturing out into the sunny yet chilly outdoors.

Here’s a speculative thought for you. It would seem to be the case that the more often I list on the ‘bay’ the more sales I make. I personally think there’s a direct correlation between regular postings and sales.

I think you get rewarded for regular listing creation. I could be wrong and it could just be coincidental, we’ll see.

Have an outstanding day.

Twack Romero

Middle-aged entrepreneur and would-be writer with aspirations way above my pay grade. The dream is to make a difference.